~ Introduction ~


I'm Mette, a photographer for whom creating visually beautiful and harmonious images is important. Photography has always been a part of my life, I have been photographing more actively for about 10 years and thus in adulthood I have turned my hobby into a profession by studying photography and audiovisual communication.
I started by describing a lot of nature and the sea, nature has always been important to me, by the sea my thoughts find space and many ideas start. Little by little, I moved from animals, horses, cats and dogs to people in my photos, and I have noticed how interesting and rewarding it is to photograph people, the best results also make me feel good.
I try to record unique moments and moods, where small moments of joy and authenticity are emphasized. I use different techniques and creative approaches to create beautiful and emotional images. I pay special attention to lighting, color palette and composition to make the end result visually appealing.
Creating and capturing images is a way of life for me. I always try to convey stories and emotions in my pictures using visual elements. I'm also interested in small details, macro photography is one of my favorite subjects, and I have many pictures of dew drops and ladybug dots in my photo memories. I would also like to capture these little discoveries of nature in landscape photography.
Building descriptions are also to my liking, especially churches. Maybe because churches always have a lot of beautiful details.
It's important to me to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere during filming, so that together we can create wonderful and authentic images. I always listen to the customer's wishes and try to understand their visions of the images. For me, photography is an art form where I can express my creativity and show the world from new perspectives. I try to find unusual angles and perspectives that give the pictures a unique and interesting look.
For me, photography is a way to record and share beautiful moments of life. I try to capture genuine emotions and happy moments with the help of my photos.

I live in Espoo, I do shooting gigs mostly in the Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa area, but if necessary I can also travel outside the capital region.

If you have an idea in mind for descriptions, location, style or theme, feel free to contact us, and we will plan and implement it together!

Be in touch!

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~ Gallery ~

More pictures can be found from my Instagram profile.

~ Services ~

Company photography:

I try to capture the company's professionalism, brand and corporate culture. My goal is to create visually appealing images that reinforce the company's communication and attract potential customers.

Party photography:

In party photography, I aim to record unique moments and party atmosphere. I want to capture happy and emotional moments that create unforgettable memories. I use light, color and layout to create images that convey the atmosphere and mood of the party.

Event photography:

In event photography, I aim to record live moments and the energetic atmosphere of the event. I want to capture important moments, performers and participants, as well as record the overall look of the event.


Portrait photography is an opportunity to record unique moments and immortalize a person's personality. I strive to create images that reflect a person's uniqueness and character traits. I use lighting, setting and background to bring out the best in a person and convey their story.

Landscape photography:

Landscape photography offers the opportunity to record wonderful natural sites, beautiful landscapes and the peace of nature. I try to capture the beauty, atmosphere and uniqueness of the landscape. I use different techniques and lighting to get the best result. I also use composition and lines to create intriguing and balanced images.

Children's photography:

Children's photography is full of joy, spontaneity and vitality. I try to capture a child's natural joy, curiosity and authenticity. I use playfulness and games to make children relax in front of the camera and come out as themselves. The most important thing for me is to capture unique moments that parents can save for years to come.

Product photography

I offer high-quality and stylish product images that help present your product in the best possible way.

Animal photography:

In animal photography, I strive to capture the nature, expressions and movements of animals beautifully and authentically.

~ Other services ~

Image correction:

I fix the most common problems with images, such as red-eye, uneven exposure, distortions and focusing errors. I strive to restore the images to their best possible condition, preserving their original appearance.

Image Manipulation:

If you need more special illustration solutions or want to combine several images to create unique visual elements, I can help you with creative image manipulation. I implement different ideas and visual effects with the help of pictures, so that you can achieve the desired result.

Scaling and cropping images:

Do you need images in different sizes or do you want to crop the image to a certain shape? I can help scale and crop images according to your needs.

Small video works:

I can help you create short and impressive videos for different purposes. Whether it's a corporate video, product presentation, social media ad or other visual communication, I create professional videos.

Image processing:

I can help you edit and enhance images professionally for various purposes. Nature photography, event photos, advertising material, product photos or personal photos.

Social media ads:

I can help you create attractive and impactful ads for various social media platforms.

Graphic design:

Together with you, I implement and design a logo for your company or, if necessary, implement larger graphic design works.


Together with you, I will implement and design your company's website.

~ Prices ~

Prices do not include VAT.


Hourly price: 100€/starting hour (1st hour 150€)
Travel expenses: 0.50€/km
Image processing: €50, includes 5 images chosen by the customer. Additional photos €20/photo
Note! For longer (over 2h) photoshooting events, a reservation fee is charged: €100 (deducted from the final price).

Other services:

Ask for a separate offer.

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